Client Charter

At EXIM Bank, we are committed to serve our clients in a professional, efficient and ethical manner with:

  • Prompt Response
  • Partners In Business
  • Confidentiality
  • Reliable & Quality Products and Services

Prompt Response

We are committed to respond promptly on any queries pertaining to our banking and credit insurance products and services. We provide timely acknowledgement of correspondence and queries and welcome any feedback for us to serve you better.

Partners In Business

We consider our client as a business partner by sharing the vision and supporting the plan of our client. We provide equal opportunities for all qualified clients with our financing and developmental advisory services in facilitating Malaysian cross-border business ventures.


We respect our clients’ privacy and security of information. We maintain the latest security standards to ensure total confidentiality of our client’s accounts and information.

Reliable & Quality Products and Services

We are committed in providing reliable and quality financial products and services to our clients. Thus, our qualified and experienced staff shall ensure our business methodologies comply with the standards set by our regulators to meet your financial needs.

We are committed to complete processing and revert with the results of your application from the date we receive your application with complete information within the time-frame as stipulated below:

Financing Facility
Project/ Contract Financing
30 - 60 days
MalaysianKitchen Financing Facility (MKFF)
21 days
Trade Financing
21 - 45 days

Medium-Long Term (MLT) Credit Insurance
30 - 60 days

Short-Term Credit Insurance
5 - 21 days

All completed drawdown request that fulfill the terms and conditions would be processed within 7 days.

All applications for insurance claims would be processed immediately in accordance to the terms and conditions of the respective Policy.
Note: Days referred to working days.