Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors (Board) of Export-Import Bank of Malaysia Berhad (EXIM Bank) is cognisant of the principles and best practices of Corporate Governance as set out in Bank Negara Malaysia’s Guidelines on Corporate Governance for Development Financial Institutions (BNM/RH/GL 005-14).

Hence, EXIM Bank is committed to upholding good corporate governance and endeavours to continuously advocate for transparency, accountability, responsibility and integrity. This commitment enables the Bank achieve an optimal governance framework and maximise shareholder value, as well as lay a solid foundation for EXIM to carry out its policy role and even realise sustainable, long-term growth.


The Board currently has the maximum number of members, with eight (8) Independent Non-Executive Directors, two (2) Non-Independent Non-Executive Directors (nominee of Minister of Finance (Incorporated) and Ministry of International Trade and Industry) and one (1) Executive Director (President/Chief Executive Officer).

The Directors come from diverse backgrounds with expertise and skills in banking, finance, business, accounting, industry and legal. The present composition of the Board is in compliance with the BNM/RH/GL 005-14 as more than half of its members are Independent Directors.

EXIM Bank’s Directors are persons of high caliber and integrity and they possess the appropriate skills, knowledge, experience and competencies to address key risks and major issues relating to the Bank’s policies and strategies. The Directors more than adequately fulfill the fit and proper criteria as specified in the Financial Services Act 2013 (FSA) and the BNM Policy Document on Fit and Proper Criteria.

A brief profile of each member of the Board is presented on pages 48 to 58 of the Annual Report 2016


There are five Board Committees established to assist the Board in discharging its duties and responsibilities, namely the Board Credit Committee (BCC), Board Risk Committee (BRC), Nomination Committee (NC), Remuneration Committee (RC) and Board Audit Committee (BAC)