What is Credit Takaful


"Credit Takaful provides protection against the risk of non-payment by buyers, as a result of commercial and/or political risks. Credit Takaful is an utmost essential facility for Malaysian Exporters to secure payment for their exports and imports, either from the buyers or from EXIM Bank, by way of Takaful claims."

What is Credit Takaful


  1. Wakalah (agency to the pool fund contributed by participant)
  2. Mudarabah (sharing of investment profit based on profit-sharing ratio)


  1. To maintain separate Fund for Short-Term and Medium / Long-Term Business


  1. Peace of mind as payment is assured
  2. Significant margin of indemnity of losses up to 90 - 95%
  3. Encourages entrepreneurship by enabling Malaysian exporters to seek new markets
  4. Promotes competitiveness of Malaysian exporters, through better terms offered to overseas buyers, knowing that payment is secured
  5. Improves credit management of receivables and debt recovery via professional screening of overseas buyers by EXIM Bank
  6. Facilitates trade financing as Takaful policy can be assigned to banks as security
  7. Double Deduction Tax relief for contributions paid
  8. No claim discount
  9. Share of investment profit (where applicable)
  10. The ability to export on credit terms with this Takaful scheme will make products more competitive in international markets
  11. Refundable of Minimum Contribution based on refund matrix
  12. In the event that the actual export is less than the estimated export based on the declaration of export made at the end of coverage period, the excess of contribution paid upfront shall be refunded (refund matrix) to the eligible participant, provided no claims have arisen during the current coverage period