Buyer Financing-i (BF-i) is an Islamic financing facility extended to foreign government/foreign buyers to buy Malaysian goods and services. These shall include those goods that are produced in Malaysia or services rendered in Malaysia or overseas for the overseas buyers.

To finance the purchase of Malaysian products and services inclusive of constructions and contracts. The financing enables the Malaysian companies to provide a total product package that includes financing to their overseas buyers.
Shariah Contracts / Concepts
The Shariah contracts / concepts applicable to Buyer Financing-i are:
  1. Ijarah
  2. Istisna’
  3. Murabahah
  4. Tawarruq (Commodity Murabahah)

* Whichever is applicable.

Foreign commercial buyer or sovereign buyer. The conditions are:
  1. The supplier/contractor must be a Malaysian-owned and controlled company
  2. Product must be of Malaysian origin

Detailed information can be obtained from the Product Disclosure Sheet

Margin of Financing
Up to a maximum of 85% of Project cost or Contract value.
Up to maximum of 10 years inclusive of grace period not exceeding 2 years
Profit Rate
Cost of Fund-i plus spread.
Ringgit Malaysia, United States Dollars, Euro and other acceptable currencies.
Monthly, quarterly or according to cash flow.
Direct to the Malaysian exporter.
Against but not limited to the followings:-
  1. Cash collateral
  2. Corporate guarantee
  3. Shareholders and/or Directors guarantee
  4. Landed property
  5. Charge on fixed or floating assets of customer
  6. Assignment of Takaful/insurance policies, agreements, contract proceeds, right and benefits
Fees and Charges
Processing fee of 1.0%* of the financing amount.
(*) subject to Terms and Conditions. Not applicable to SME.