Export of Services Financing-i (ESF-i) is available to Malaysian-owned and controlled companies, engaged in the provision of services for the global market, such as Information Technology Services, Engineering Architecture and other professional services.

  1. Provision of working capital/guarantee/assets financing of foreign services contracts
  2. Acquisition of technology for services for the global market
Shariah Contracts / Concepts
The Shariah contracts / concepts applicable to ESF-i are:
  1. Tawarruq (Commodity Murabahah)
  2. Murabahah
  3. Kafalah

* Whichever is applicable.

Malaysian exporters registered under Companies Act 2016. Non-Resident Control Company is also included. Detailed information can be obtained from the Product Disclosure Sheet
Margin of Financing
Up to 80% of the contract value/purchase price or the requirement value for the contract/services.
Up to a maximum 5 years.
Profit Rate
Cost of Fund-i plus spread.
United States Dollars, EURO and other acceptable currencies
Against Contract proceeds or fixed payment either monthly or quarterly.
  1. Direct to supplier
  2. To the Customer for overhead expenses; or
  3. To the Customer as reimbursement of previously incurred expenses (if applicable)
Against but not limited to the following:
  1. Cash Collateral
  2. Corporate Guarantee
  3. Shareholders and/or Directors Guarantee
  4. Assignment of relevant contracts and Takaful/insurance policies
  5. Others
Fees and Charges
Processing fee of 1.0%* of the financing amount.
(*) subject to Terms and Conditions. Not applicable to SME.