Exporters of Malaysian goods or services may have access to financing in the Shariah-compliant Term Financing-i (TF-i) for multitude purposes relating to their export business.

A financing facility available for working capital financing, financing overheads or non asset-based transactions, in support of exports, projects or contract requirements and activities. It may be served as a tool for refinancing of asset.
Shariah Contracts / Concepts
The Shariah contracts / concepts applicable to Term Financing-i are:
  1. Ijarah
  2. Murabahah
  3. Tawarruq (Commodity Murabahah)

* Whichever is applicable.

Malaysian exporters registered under Companies Act 2016. Non-Resident Control Company is also included. Detailed information can be obtained from the Product Disclosure Sheet
Margin of Financing
  1. Up to 100% - For a restructuring facility
  2. Up to 90% of Project Cost – For other purposes (direct financing)
Up to 15 years.
Profit Rate
Cost of Fund-i plus spread.
Ringgit Malaysia, United States Dollars, Euro and other acceptable currencies.
Monthly, quarterly depending on the cash flow.
Direct to the supplier/vendor or customer in reimbursement cases.
Against but not limited to the following:
  1. Pledged against cash collateral
  2. Sinking fund
  3. Landed Property
  4. Debenture fixed or floating
  5. Assignment of Takaful cover
  6. Assignment of payment proceeds
  7. Assignment of Sales proceed
  8. Other security the Bank deem necessary
Fees and Charges
Processing fee of 1.0%* of the financing amount.
(*) subject to Terms and Conditions. Not applicable to SME.