Export Credit Refinancing-i (ECR-i) provides an alternative short-term pre-shipment and post-shipment financing.

Export Credit Refinancing-i (ECR-i) provides an alternative short term pre- and post-shipment financing to direct/indirect exporters to promote export of manufactured products, agriculture products and primary commodities that are ‘Halal’, via the provision of Shariah-compliant financing facilities.
  1. The pre-shipment ECR-i facility allows for the production of eligible goods for export prior to shipment and to encourage the backward linkages between the exporters and local suppliers in industrial development
  2. The post-shipment ECR-i facility bridges the funding requirements of exporters from shipment to receipt of payment of the export bill
Shariah Contracts / Concepts
Pre-shipment ECR-i
The applicable contract / concept for financing of the purchase of raw materials and other incidental costs between the Malaysian exporter and ECR-i Banks, shall be ‘Murabahah’ (cost plus profit) followed by the ‘Tawarruq’ between EXIM Bank and ECR-i Banks for refinancing of bills.
  1. Murabahah
  2. Tawarruq (Commodity Murabahah)
Post-shipment ECR-i
These transactions are made between the exporter, ECR-i Banks and EXIM Bank and the applicable concept shall be ‘Tawarruq’. Under this arrangement, the exporter, as the owner of the export, appoints the ECR-i Bank as a collecting agent to collect payments from the importer’s Bank.
  1. Tawarruq (Commodity Murabahah)
Companies that are incorporated in Malaysia, who are directly or indirectly involved in export activity and international trade, shall be eligible for the ECR-i facilities but subject to the following conditions:
  1. The inputs and end products to be exported must be “Halal”
  2. Products that are not listed under the First Schedule of Custom Duties Order (list of goods of which is prohibited to be exported)

Detailed information can be obtained from the Product Disclosure Sheet

Margin of Financing
  1. Direct Exporter- Up to 95% on value of export order
  2. Indirect Exporter- Up to 95% of ECR-i Domestic Letter of Credit (DLC), ECR-i Domestic Purchase Order (DPO) or Local Purchase Order (LPO)

Certificate of Performance (CP)
  1. Direct Exporter (Manufacturing & Trading)- 100% of Export Value of preceding 12 months
  2. Indirect Exporter (Manufacturing & Trading)- 80% of Export Value of preceding 12 months

  1. Margin of financing is up to a maximum of 100% of export bill value. Subject to availability of ECR credit limit with the commercial bank and EXIM Bank’s administrative limit
Up to a maximum of 120 days
Total is up to maximum 183 days
Profit Rate
Determined by EXIM Bank from time to time.
Ringgit Malaysia.
Payment Methos
Direct Exporter
  1. Export proceeds; or
  2. Post-shipment proceeds
Indirect Exporter:
  1. Proceeds from direct exporter

  1. Receipt of export proceeds; or
  2. Maturity of the post-shipment bill whichever is earlier
Disbursement is made to ECR-i Bank
Fees and Charges
Kindly refer to the latest EXIM Bank's ECR-i Guidelines for detailed fees and charges.