Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zulkifli Hasan
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zulkifli Hasan


Date of Appointment
7 December 2012
Academic/Professional Qualification(s)
  • PhD in Islamic Finance from Durham University, United Kingdom
  • Master of Comparative Laws from International Islamic University of Malaysia
  • LLB (Bachelor of Laws) and LLB.S (Bachelor of Shariah) from International Islamic University of Malaysia (USIM)
  • Academic advisor of Dar al Hikmah College, Selangor
Present Appointment(s)
  • Deputy Rector (Student Development and Community Engagement), International Islamic University Malaysia
  • Shariah panel member for the Institute of Fatwa Management and Research, USIM
  • Shariah Committee of Zurich Takaful (Malaysia) Berhad, Affin Islamic Bank Berhad, Koperasi Belia Islam, Lembaga Pertubuhan Peladang, ISRA and JAKIM
  • Editor for the Malaysian Journal of Shariah and Law, the International Journal of Business and Finance Research, Shariah Law Reports, Journal of Antitrust Enforcement and Corporate Governance: An International Review
  • Associate Editor for the Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research
  • Legislation editor for the Malaysian Journal of Shari’ah and Law
  • Committee on Shariah and Legal Education, and Syarie Lawyers, JAKIM
  • Member of AUKU Technical Committee, and University Arbitration Subcommittee of Inns of Court Malaysia
  • Board member of Majlis Agama Islam, Negeri Sembilan; and Board director of the Malaysian-American Commission on Educational Exchange (MACEE)
  • Chairman of Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia, Negeri Sembilan
Past Appointment(s)
  • Dean of Faculty of Shariah and Law, USIM
  • In-house legal counsel for Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad
  • Member of Rules and Regulations Working Committee for Association of Islamic Banking Institutions Malaysia (AIBIM)
  • Member of corporate governance working committee for Awqaf South Africa
Expertise & Experience
  • Involved in developing corporate governance guidelines towards development of the S&P/Hawkamah Pan Arab ESG Index
  • Published articles in various academic journals and presented conference papers on corporate and Shariah governance and regulation in Islamic finance
  • Guest speaker for Judicial and Legal Training Institute, Prime Minister’s Department and CIBFM, Brunei Darussalam
  • Received the prestigious Global Islamic Finance Award as the Upcoming Scholar 2016
  • Recipient of a 2014 grant to conduct scholarly research at Fordham University, New York, through the Fulbright US-ASEAN Visiting Scholars Initiative
  • Represented Malaysia in the prestigious Young Muslim Intellectuals in Southeast Asia Programme in Japan, organised by Japan Foundation in 2013
  • Sits on the panel of experts for muamalat and halal regulation, JAKIM; and Malaysian Shariah Index project
  • His book entitled ‘Shari’ah Governance in Islamic Bank’ published by the Edinburgh University Press won the MAPIM Best Publication in the category of social science in 2013