Targeted Repayment / Payment Assistance (TRA)
Targeted Repayment / Payment Assistance (TRA)

Through the Government’s recent People’s Wellbeing and Economic Recovery or PEMULIH, EXIM Bank of Malaysia offers businesses in need of the Targeted Repayment/Payment Assistance (TRA). EXIM Bank’s direct SMEs customers whose finances are adversely affected by the endemic can obtain this support if they fulfil the following eligibility for the TRA:

  • Any credit/financing facilities where payments of principal or interest/profit are either scheduled at fixed intervals or to be settled in a one-off lump sum payment.
  • Any credit/financing facilities approved on or before 30 June 2021 and remain performing (not in arrears exceeding 90 days as at the date of application by the customer).

For prompt assistance, EXIM Bank SME customers can get more information and details about the TRA here.

For more information on PEMULIH Government Guarantee Scheme (PGGS), kindly refer here.

Customers can opt-in for the TRA through emailing the online form available on the Bank’s website. Alternately, they can do so via phone or their respective Relationship Manager.