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Islamic Banking Facilities

  • Amendment Letter Of Credit-i
  • Letter Of Credit-i
  • Guarantee-i
  • Cross-Border Financing Facility-i
  • Trade Financing Facility-i


  • Cross-Border Financing Facilities
  • Trade Financing Facilities
  • Bank Letter of Credit Policy (BLCP)
  • Bankers Trade Credit Insurance
  • Overseas Investment Insurance (OII)
  • Trade Credit Insurance (Export/Import/Domestic)
  • Specific Policy (Contracts/Constructional Works/Services)
  • Specific Takaful (Contracts/Constructional Works/Services)

Credit Takaful

  • Specific Takaful (Proposal Application Form)
  • Overseas Investment Takaful (Definitive Application Form)
  • Trade Credit Takaful (Export/Domestic)
  • Bankers Trade Credit Takaful

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