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Islamic Banking & Credit Takaful

Cross-Border Financing

  • Contract Financing-i
  • Import Financing-i
  • Overseas Investment Financing-i
  • Overseas Project Financing-i
  • Revolving Credit-i
  • Term Financing-i

Credit Takaful

Short Term Credit Takaful

  • Trade Credit Takaful
  • Bankers Trade Credit Takaful

Medium / Long Term Credit Takaful

  • Specific Takaful
  • Overseas Investment Takaful

Trade Finance

  • Bank Guarantee-i
  • Back to Back Letter of Credit-i
  • Inward Bills of Collection-i
  • Letter of Credit-i
  • Letter of Credit Advising-i
  • Letter of Collection-i
  • Letter of Credit Confirmed-i
  • Letter of Credit Transfer-i
  • Outward Bills of Collection-i
  • Shipping Guarantee-i
  • Standby Letter of Credit-i
  • Supplier Financing-i
  • Trust Receipt-i

Conventional Banking & Credit Insurance

Cross-Border Financing

  • Contract Financing
  • Import Financing
  • Overseas Investment Financing
  • Overseas Project Financing
  • Revolving Credit
  • Term Loan

Credit Insurance

Short Term Credit Insurance

  • Trade Credit Insurance
  • Bankers Trade Credit Insurance
  • Bank Letter of Credit Policy

Medium / Long Term Credit Insurance

  • Specific Policy
  • Overseas Investment Insurance

Trade Finance

  • Bank Guarantee
  • Back to Back Letter of Credit
  • Inward Bills of Collection
  • Letter of Credit
  • Letter of Credit Advising
  • Letter of Collection
  • Letter of Credit Confirmed
  • Letter of Credit Transfer
  • Outward Bills of Collection
  • Shipping Guarantee
  • Standby Letter of Credit
  • Supplier Credit
  • Trust Receipt

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