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    Credit Takaful / Insurance

What is Credit Takaful and Insurance?

It’s an utmost essential protection instrument for Malaysian Exporters in mitigating the risk of non-payment by buyers as a result of commercial and/or political risks and available under Islamic and Conventional facility.


Benefits to Customer

  • Enable Malaysian exporters to venture into new and unfamiliar markets
  • Double Tax Relief
  • Share of investment profit
  • Indemnity up to 90%/95% (Commercial/Political Risks)
  • Peace-of-mind and confidence in expanding business overseas
  • Improve banking relationship and access to financing
  • Empowers business growth

Who is eligible?

  • Malaysian-owned or controlled company incorporate in Malaysia
  • Registered under Companies Act 2016
  • Malaysian Supplier/Contractor/Investor

Commercial Risks (Buyers Risk)

  • Insolvency
  • Payment Default
  • Non Acceptance of goods

Commercial Risks (Issuing Banks Risk)

  • Insolvency
  • Payment Default

Political & Country Risks

  • Transfer risks, Occurrence of war, revolution and civil disorder default by public sector buyer

You may reach our Relationship Manager at our Head Office and Representative Office or you can just drop us a message as per follows;

For the further information on Credit Takaful and Insurance Business, join our market outreach programs. Kindly reach us for the latest event on Credit Takaful and Insurance Seminar and Roadshow

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