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What is Cross-Border Financing?

A financing facility given to a customer that involved in project, contract and/or investment abroad.


Benefits to Customer

  • Facilitate Malaysian contractor to undertake overseas project or contract
  • Convenience for Malaysian investor in investing abroad
  • Support customer’s cross border business expansion

Who is eligible?

  • Malaysian-owned or controlled company incorporate in Malaysia
  • Registered under Companies Act 2016
  • Malaysian Supplier/Contractor/Investor

Foreign Exchange Risk

  • Volatility of foreign exchange over your project period may expose your business to foreign exchange loss.
  • Hedge your foreign exchange transaction with our Forward Foreign Exchange product in mitigating your foreign exchange risk.

Political Risk

  • Political risk is associated with the country’s political and economy stability. 
  • You’re exposed to political risk if the project that you ventured in is at the country that have the political or economy instability.
  • Mitigate the risk by leveraging to our Credit Takaful and Insurance

Economic Risk

  • Economic risk relates to the changes in the technology, consumer preferences etc.

Financial Risk

  • Financial risk often associated with the bulk financing required to finance your overseas project which may exposed to the volatility of the profit/interest rate over the long term project tenure.

Performance Risk

  • Venturing into cross border transaction may exposed you to the performance risk of your overseas buyer/counterpart in fulfilling the contract requirement.
  • You may leverage on our Guarantee and Trade Credit Takaful and Insurance facilities in mitigating this kind of risk.
You may reach our Relationship Manager at our Head Office and Representative Office or you can just drop us a message as per follows;
For the further information on Cross-Border Business, join our market outreach programs. Kindly reach us for the latest event on Cross-Border Seminar and Roadshow

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