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    Trade Finance

What is Trade Finance?

  • Trade finance is the financing of goods or services in trade transaction at any point of trade cycle from an exporter to the end importer.
  • An exporter requires payment for their goods or services, and an importer want to make sure they are paying for the correct quality and quantity of goods.

Benefits to Customer

  • Trade finance benefits not only for business growth, but it secures trade supply chain relationship.
  • It helps businesses grow by guaranteeing and financing when exporters and importers do not know or trust each other.
  • Trade finance facility allows businesses offer more competitive terms by reducing payment gaps in trade cycle and indirectly increases revenue from potential business.

What are the products for trade finance?

  • Financing which accommodates imports
  • Financing which advances exports receivables
  • Guarantees and bonds

Managing risks is the key to growing a successful business internationally or domestically. By using the correct and specific type and structure of trade finance products, these risks could be mitigated. The possible risks in trade finance are:


  • Product risks
  • Manufacturing risks
  • Transport risks
  • Currency risks
  • Country risks
  • Commercial risks
  • Fraud risks
  • Documentary risks
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