Vendor Code of Conduct

27 August 2019

The Vendor Code of Conduct (VCOC) establishes a set of standards on business and ethical practices, and professional conduct expected of all Vendor(s) working with the Bank.

The VCOC shall apply to all suppliers appointed by any EXIM Function, business or individual working on behalf of EXIM, contractors of the Bank and to any person(s) appointed by them in any capacity to deliver the goods or perform any part of the services, including their employees, agents, suppliers and sub-contractors (“their representative”).

The Bank expects its Vendor(s) to comply with the VCOC when engaging with the Bank and in conducting business with the Bank. It is the responsibility of every vendor to ensure that its representatives understand and comply with this Vendor Code. Vendors are expected to self-monitor and enforce compliance with this Vendor Code by their representatives.

In the event of any unintended contradiction between this VCOC and the law or EXIM internal policies, the stricter provisions shall be used. This VCOC will be updated from time to time, when necessary. Copies of this Vendor Code of Conduct can be found here.

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