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CSR Environment Programme: Macaw Birds

23 Mac 2021

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As part of our continuous effort towards supporting the United Nation’s Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs) on environment, EXIM Bank is not cowering from its ongoing support to the pair of Macaw birds at Zoo Negara Kuala Lumpur and maintains this even for 2021.
Macaw birds, or their scientific name Arini or Ara Chloropterus, is a beautiful and brilliant-coloured member of the parrot family that come in a combination of red, blue, gold and yellow in colour. This bird was chosen by EXIM Bank as it not only represents the colours of our logo – red and blue – but also with the intention of helping to save the environment, as these birds are now considered endangered with only 17 species left worldwide.
The renewal of this CSR environment engagement marks the sixth year of the Bank’s sustainable effort in saving endangered species, as well as to help Zoo Negara stay afloat since it is having financial difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Government’s Movement Restriction Orders that hinders or limits visitors to its premises.




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