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EXIM Bank Funds Zoo Negara Malaysia With New Macaw Birds

21 Mei 2016

Kuala Lumpur (21 May 2016) – Export-Import Bank of Malaysia Berhad (EXIM Bank) today has expanded its ‘wing’ by sponsoring a pair of Macaw birds originated all the way from South America to Zoo Negara Malaysia. A sponsorship cheque valued at RM18,000.00 was presented by EXIM Bank’s President/Chief Executive Officer, Puan Norzilah Mohammed to Malaysian Zoological Society during the event.

Macaw birds or its scientific name, Arini are beautiful and brilliant coloured members of the parrot with vibrant plumage that comes in a combination of red, blue, gold and yellow in colour. Macaws are also known for their intelligence and prominent body features that enable them to latch onto branches, to grab, hold and examine items easily. These outstanding features of Macaw birds symbolize EXIM Bank’s abilities to cross borders with ease while their colour; red and blue represents the colours of EXIM Bank’s official logo.

Currently, Zoo Negara has a total of three (3) Macaw birds and up to this year, these birds have always been the centre of attraction for all local and international visitors, performing twice daily. Hence, upon the arrival of two (2) new additional members of Macaw birds sponsored by EXIM Bank, Zoo Negara is expecting to boost up the number of visitors to watch the Bird’s show this year as well as to expand its animal diversity.

This Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programme called the ‘3G’ programme organized by EXIM Bank offers 60 of their staff including family members an opportunity to contribute to the preservation and conservation towards environmental and wildlife protection. This ‘3G’ programme comprises of three main activities; i) Grow – to preserve the endangered species of trees in Malaysia, ii) Glow – to create more attractiveness and excitement within the existing compound and iii) Green – to create awareness on wildlife and get involved in the animal behavioral enrichment activities.

Speaking at the event, Puan Norzilah Mohammed said, “This is an initiative under the Bank’s CSR flagship which endeavors to increase the awareness on wildlife and environment conservation and instill a sense of responsibility among employees to take part in caring for Mother Nature”.

EXIM Bank will continue to organize and support such programme from time to time in making sure our environment will be preserved and kept well for the next generation.

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