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EXIM Bank Fosters Economic Ties With Djibouti After Successful Business Forum

30 November 2023

Building bridges and fostering economic ties: Malaysian delegates, EXIM Bank officers, and Ministers of Djibouti come together for fruitful discussions and collaboration.
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Kuala Lumpur, Nov 30 (Bernama) – The recently concluded Malaysia – Djibouti Business Forum has reflected the Export-Import Bank of Malaysia’s (Exim Bank) dedication to creating platforms that facilitate dialogue and collaboration between businesses, government entities, and investors.

In a statement today, Exim Bank said that the forum, held in Djibouti on Nov 29, 2023, served as a dynamic platform for fostering economic ties and exploring strategic collaborations between the two countries.

“The Malaysia – Djibouti Business Forum brought together over 28 delegates, representing various sectors, to engage in fruitful discussions and explore business opportunities in Djibouti,” it said.

EXIM Bank said the highlights of the Malaysia – Djibouti Business Forum included insightful discussions on economic policies, trade facilitation, and investment incentives.

President and chief executive officer of Exim Bank Malaysia Arshad Ismail said the event not only facilitated dialogue but also paved the way for tangible partnerships that will contribute to the growth and prosperity of both nations.

“We are thrilled to witness the enthusiasm and commitment from both Malaysian and Djiboutian businesses to explore new avenues of collaboration,” he said.

EXIM Bank said the diverse group of participants gained valuable perspectives from industry leaders and government officials, contributing to a deeper understanding of the economic landscape in both Malaysia and Djibouti.

“A closed-door dialogue with four Djiboutian ministers was also held to address any questions or issues the Malaysian delegates may have. In addition, the forum featured breakout sessions for the main four sectors, namely construction, health, power and education,” it said. – Bernama


For more information and news coverage of the event, please click on the following links: (BM)

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